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Why You Should Consider Environmental Sensors

Consider Environmental Sensors

Keeping your home or your business safe and secure not only involves security systems for the property, but also environmental sensors to warn you of dangers such as fire, flooding, or dangerous gas leaks. Here’s a list of the basic environmental sensors you need to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.
Fire Alarms

Fires can cause major destruction and devastation to your home or office. Having a fire alarm system in place that includes both smoke alarms and heat sensors can save not only your assets, but also your life. The most secure fire alarm systems are designed to detect even the slightest hint of smoke and send an alarm to a central location for verification, or even directly to the fire department. This feature drastically reduces response time and increases safety.
Water and Flood Sensors

Water and flooding can be seriously detrimental to your home and your business. Water and flood sensors are designed to work as either stand-alone systems or can be integrated into a pre-existing environmental control or security system. Less expensive systems trigger an alarm without actually stopping any leakage issues, but more elaborate models can be combined with a valve control unit that will automatically shut off the internal water system.
Other Environmental Sensors

In addition to fire, water, and flood sensors, there are several other types of warning systems that will help protect your assets. Some of the most common include:

• Airflow Sensors – These systems are designed to warn you of any issues with airflow or excessive heat. They are especially useful for any equipment that requires a steady stream of cool air to function properly.

• Gas Sensors – Hazardous gases can pose both immediate and long-term risks to your health. Gas sensors will monitor the air quality in your home or office, alerting you to the presence of any harmful gases such carbon monoxide.

• Air Quality Sensors – These types of sensors control the amount of outside air that gets mixed in with your ventilated air. This eliminates the introduction of excess outdoor air into your vents and reduces energy consumption. Air quality sensors can also monitor the quality of air in your business, detecting and reducing the spread of toxic gas or airborne material.

Using these environmental sensors in conjunction with your security system will save you time, headache, and money.
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