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Everything You Need to Know about Access Control Solutions

Everything You Need to Know about Access Control Solutions

Attention business owners! If your business isn’t already equipped with access control, it should be. Here, we will explain what access control is, what your access control solutions options are, and why it should be installed in your business.

What is Access Control?

Access control selectively restricts access to your business. A business owner gives his or her employees the credentials to access the building to protect the business from unwelcome visitors. Access control is especially beneficial for businesses that work with sensitive information or products, such as government offices, research facilities, manufacturing plants, and more.

Access Control Solutions

• Electronic card access – provide employees with key-cards that must be waved over a pad in order to gain entry to the building.
• ID badging – customize access cards to each individual employee. This is particularly useful for businesses that grant special access to some employees, but not others.
• Biometric scanning – employees are granted access to the building based on biometric measures, such as fingerprints, iris/retina, facial recognition, and more. Biometric scanning is one of the most secure access control solutions, as it is extremely difficult to replicate such personal information.

Benefits of Access Control

• Keep intruders out by allowing access to only your employees
• Protect employees and assets by keeping intruders out
• Protect sensitive information or products
• Eliminate the need to replace locks if an employee loses his or her key or leaves the company
• With an access control network, you have the ability to lock all doors with the touch of a button, which can be helpful in case of an emergency
• Employees are less likely to falsely set off the alarm

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