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Allstar Alarm’s Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Allstar Alarm’s Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Allstar Alarm’s Ultimate Security Camera Guide

Installing a security camera outside of your home or business is a great way to help deter criminal activity and catch the bad guys if an intrusion or theft occurs. This security camera guide will help you learn more about the cameras available and their capabilities.
What types of cameras are available?

Allstar Alarm offers Residential CCTV and Camera Systems as well as Commercial Video Surveillance. Both analog and IP security cameras are available. Read our blog to learn more about the differences between analog and IP cameras.
Can I see a license plate with my security camera?

The image quality recorded by your security camera depends on several factors. First, the distance that a camera can capture depends on the size of the lens. The lens, along with the image sensor determines how wide of a picture a camera can see. There are many different camera lenses for different purposes. For example, an auto-iris lens is ideal for outdoor use. With the right combination of camera and lens features, yes, your security camera should be able to capture a license plate. Contact Allstar Alarm to find out what type of lens is best for your individual situation.
Is there a limit to how much video I can record?

There is no limit to how much video you can record; however there is a limit to how much video you can store on a given device. How much video you can store depends on the type of camera that you have and the data storage capabilities that come along with it. IP cameras store images either on the camera or on a network video recorder (NVR). Analog cameras transmit the images directly to a video monitor or a digital video recorder (DVR). NVRs and DVRs are available with a wide variety of storage capacity – the more capacity, the more expensive the device. An Allstar Alarm technician can help you decide how much video storage you need for your application.
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