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Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween with Our Security and Safety Guide

Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween with Our Security and Safety Guide

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a fantastic time of year, and you’re probably dusting off your horror movie collection, preparing with spooky and fun decorations, and buying tons of delicious candy.  Pretty soon the kids will be around to trick-or-treat in all of their best costumes. While it’s a fine time for ghosts and goblins, there’s also the possibility that you’ll have a few pranksters in the neighborhood. But, never fear, Allstar Alarm is here! Want to ensure that your house is safe and secure before and during Halloween night? Follow these Halloween safety tips:
Protect Your Property
There’s always the possibility that vandals will find their way onto your property, so you want to make sure you’re prepared. Sensor lights are highly recommended to ensure that any vandals don’t use the holiday as an excuse to roam around on your property. Test them out and make sure they’re all in working order. Park your car inside your garage so that no one can use your vehicle as a target. Also, make sure to check the condition of your property. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do any home repairs to your outdoor area before Halloween night
  • Don’t leave items like ladders, tools or loose railings for kids to get a hold of or injure themselves with.
  • Make sure that all of the outdoor lights are functioning properly. Trick-or-Treaters will be wearing costumes, which often times impairs their vision. So, it’s important to replace any light bulbs that have burned out so that everyone can see clearly in the dark.

Lastly, check out your security system to make sure that it’s in excellent working order.
Halloween Home Safety
When Halloween night finally arrives, you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time answering the door when the trick-or-treaters arrive. All doors and windows should be closed and securely locked so that you’re protected from potential intruders looking to take advantage of the distraction.

If you plan on decorating your home for the occasion, follow these tips:

  • Avoid decorations or special effects that contain potentially toxic materials.
  • Skip real candles. Kids are curious and might get injured if they try to touch them.
  • If you have pets, make sure they’re kept in a safe and secure area so that noise doesn’t bother them, and so they can’t escape during the festivities.

Trick-Or-Treaters Safety
If you have children that plan on going out on Halloween, be sure to review the following Trick-Or-Treat Safety Guidelines, so that everyone can have a fun, safe night:

  • Your kids should never be alone while trick-or-treating. If they’re going out without adult supervision, make sure that they use the “buddy system”. Set up a plan that they can follow if they become separated from their group or “buddy.”
  • Make sure they know to stay on well-lit main streets and avoid taking shortcuts or alleys.
  • Establish a time for your kids to return home. The standard time frame is usually between 8 PM and 9 PM.
  • The main rule for candy and treats is to always require that they bring them home first to be inspected. Remember that only factory-wrapped treats are OK to eat.
  • All Trick-or-Treaters should only go to the doorway of homes that have outside lights. The lights are a sign that the home welcomes their visit.

Respect for Everyone
Halloween is a night where kids are tempted to toilet paper or egg someone’s property. Go over the rules that emphasize disapproval of pranks. Emphasize that what might seem like fun could actually cause damage and harm. Remind older kids to allow the younger ones to have their evening of fun. There shouldn’t be any teasing or bullying.
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Halloween is a time for adventure and fun for all. Making sure that you plan ahead to secure your property, home, and keep your kids safe will ensure that everyone has a great time. If you’ve been considering installing a security system, contact Allstar Alarm! Let us help you stay safe and secure with a custom residential security system. Contact us for your free quote or give us a call at (800) 854-9705 to get started.

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