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Improve Home Energy Management with Home Automation

Improve Home Energy Management with Home Automation

We don’t need to tell you that using excess gas and electricity in your home can lead to an unpleasantly high energy bill. Of course, you can always harp on the family to turn the lights off when they leave a room and turn the heat down when they leave, but what if there was an easier and more effective solution to home energy management?

We have good news for you! At Allstar Alarm, we can help you with your home energy management and lower your energy bills. With a Honeywell Total Connect Home Automation System, you can control the temperature, lighting, and more, all from one centralized location!

With Total Connect, you can set scenes and schedules that correspond with your daily routines. A “Goodnight” scene, for example, may trigger the doors to automatically lock, the temperature to slightly drop, and the lights to shut off. You may consider setting a custom “Morning” scene, or an “After School” scene to prepare the home for when the kids get home from school. This automation helps to keep your energy use at a consistent, and ultimately lower, level.

You can also manually adjust your thermostat and lights while you’re away. Let’s say you leave for vacation, but you have a nagging feeling that you left the lights on. Simply use your laptop or smartphone to check! If you did accidentally leave the lights on, you can flick them off with the touch of a button and save your family a few bucks on your next electric bill.

In addition to aiding with home energy management, a home automation system will also help to increase home security. Learn more about the benefits of home automation.

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