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Home Security Remains a Top Priority for Homeowners

Home Security Remains a Top Priority for Homeowners

Home security is more important now than ever, and according to the Lowe’s 2014 Smart Home Survey, the main reason consumers purchase smart home technology is to gain greater control over their security system.

The phrases “smart home technology” or “home automation” essentially means the way all of your devices network together to provide seamless control of your home. The survey also revealed that nearly half of Americans are generally favorable to smart homes, with 62% of those surveyed finding the smart home most beneficial for monitoring safety and security.

Whether you’re upgrading your security system or streamlining your current one, Allstar Alarm has a solution for you!

The Honeywell Total Connect System

Allstar Alarm features the Honeywell Total Connect System, which boasts a touch screen keypad interface and state-of-the art integration system; perfect for homeowners wanting to ramp up their security system. The Total Connect System integrates your thermostats, lighting, locks, cameras, and other household devices for a customized solution that works with your lifestyle and budget.  You can even use the system’s web browser to view weather, traffic, and news.

Temperature control – You can control your thermostats from anywhere with the Total Connect System. Gone are the days where you have to wait until you get home to turn up the heat or air conditioner. With the Total Connect system and Z-Wave thermostat, you can automatically adjust the temperature from any PC or smartphone.

Electronic locks – With the Honeywell Total Connect System, you can lock or unlock your doors from virtually anywhere.  So, the next time your kids forget their keys or you have an unexpected package arrive at your home, you can unlock the door from the comfort of your car or office.

Set a schedule – One of the best features of the Honeywell Total Connect System is the ability to set scenes and schedules. For example, you could set a “Night” scene that turns on right when you’re ready for bed. This scene may entail locking the doors, closing the shades, turning off lights, and of course, arming the alarm system.
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