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home-security-trendsAllstar Alarm’s Guide to Home Security Trends

Technology is everywhere in almost everything we do now. Our jobs, home lives, and relationships all revolve around getting things done and staying in touch via computers, phones, and tablets. Even our cars are technology-based, with computer-based engines and directional apps, but did you know that technology is also making home security easier? We’ve got information on the latest home security trends for 2016 to help keep you up to speed.

Facial Recognition Cameras

Facial recognition cameras work by taking pre-scanned clear photos of all household members and trusted visitors and using them for future recognition purposes. You simply enter the profile pictures of anyone who you want to have access to your home and then when they either return home or visit, all they have to do is show their face to the camera to gain access. If the face is recognized, the lock system turns green, and access is granted. If the face is unfamiliar to the system, the locks stay bolted and access is denied.

Biometric Technology

Face, voice, retina, and fingerprint recognition are all elements of what is known as biometric technology. With home security, these advances can be used to create fingerprint based entry points similar to the iPhone lock screen, voice activated lock systems, and facial recognition security cameras mentioned above.

Smartphone Integration

Integrating smartphone technology is an incredibly convenient way to keep your home safe and secure. Smartphones are small and easy to use and can be utilized in your home security system with special apps and programs that do everything from arming and disarming alarms, video surveillance from anywhere in the world, and even controlling lights.

Location Beacons

Location beacons are most commonly used on smartphones as a way to alert you of business and restaurants in your area, but can also be used to turn lights on as you get closer to your home, lock and unlock doors, and even control the temperature.

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the biggest buzz phrases in home security technology, internet of things or IoT, refers to the increased ability of machines to communicate with each other via the internet and cloud based applications. IoT can be used to connect your camera system with your alarm system and your alarm system with your lighting sensors and so on, bringing every individual piece of your home security package together into one cohesive, interconnected whole.

Other Trends

In addition to these main trends, there are also several other smaller trends that can be utilized in your home security system such as electronic locks, LED lighting, and smart outlets. All of these components can work together to give you the safest, most secure home possible, bringing you increased peace of mind.

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