Prevent disaster before it happens.

environmental-eventWe all work very hard on keeping our family safe. As every busy individual knows, it is impossible to be aware of every potential hazard ahead of time. That is why Allstar Alarm features life safety products, which are designed to identify the presence of impending dangers before they surface.

Although you probably know that security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property you may not know the important role environmental sensors can play in safeguarding your home and valuables.

Damage resulting from flood and temperature changes can cause personal and financial devastation. Destroyed family heirlooms and personal effects are irreplaceable.Alarm

Basements, water heaters and sump pumps are at high risk for leaks and damage. When the presence of water is sensed, our detectors can intelligently communicate this to our Central Station.

We have wireless asset sensors that can monitor valuables. A sensor easily affixed to any valuable requiring protection within a home or office, including paintings, flat screens, family heirlooms, safes, and assets like a gun safe or cabinet.