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Top 5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Top 5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

As a senior citizen living alone, home safety is high on your list of priorities. Preventing accidents and ensuring that you and your belongings are secure are all top priorities, especially when living solo.

At Allstar Alarm, we understand the safety needs of our customers,slip and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of five easy safety tips for seniors that will help keep you out of harm’s way.

Tip #1 – Watch Your Walkways

Falls are a big risk when you live alone, so it’s important that you take precautions to prevent them. Keeping your walkways free and clear of any debris or other obstacles is the most important thing you can do to prevent falls. Make sure you:

  • Remove or securing throw rugs
  • Avoid using wax or other slippery cleaning products on floors
  • Use sturdy rails along all stairways, both inside and outside
  • Make sure all stairs have non-slip surfaces
  • Remove all electrical or phone cords from high traffic areas
  • Use bath aids such as safety bars, slip-proof bath mats, or a shower chair

Tip #2 – Keep Your Home Well Lit

Poor lighting also leads to falls and other accidents, so keeping your home well lit inside and out is a must. Proper safety lighting includes:

  • Keeping staircases well lit
  • Installing light switches at both the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Using non-glare, 100-watt or greater light bulbs
  • Leaving lights on in the bathroom overnight
  • Keeping all kitchen work areas illuminated
  • Making sure you have properly lit outdoor walkways

Tip #3 – Get to Know Your Neighbors

Having familiarity with the people in your neighborhood gives you added protection and reassurance. Get to know and utilize the connections with your neighbors by:

  • Introducing yourself to each new family that moves into your area
  • If you have family that visits regularly, have them introduce themselves to your neighbors as well
  • Keep phone numbers of trusted neighbors in an easy to locate place such as on your refrigerator
  • Give a list of emergency contact numbers to a trusted neighbor or two
  • Let neighbors you’ve become friendly with know when you’ll be out of town and when you’re expected to return

Tip #4 – Be Careful With Your Medications

Medication safety is also very important for seniors living alone. Drug interactions and accidental overdoses can be dangerous, so keep your medications safe by:

  • Reviewing all medications with your doctor or pharmacist before you begin taking a new prescription
  • Make sure all medications are clearly labeled and easy to read
  • Discard any unused or old medications promptly
  • Check with your doctor or pharmacist before mixing any prescription or non-prescription drugs

Tip #5 – Invest in a Home Security System

Finally, having a security system installed give you and your property added safety and protection. Allstar Alarm can assist you in deciding which systems would work best for you, including:

  • Movement detection sensors
  • Automatic flood lights
  • Easy to use alarm systems

With an Allstar security system, you’ll also receive around-the-clock monitoring from our professional central station staff. If our system detects an intruder or other problem at your home, we will alert the proper authorities and contact you immediately to keep you informed of the situation.

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