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WANTED: Meteor Caught on Camera!

Last night thousands of Michiganders caught sight of a rare astronomical event in the skies over southeastern Michigan. If you happened to be nice and snug in your home during the event and didn’t get a glance- don’t be discouraged! Multiple families with surveillance cameras caught the spectacular sight on video! The bright light in the sky activated the motion sensors and from dozens of viewpoints we can see the flash of light in the dark sky appear and fizzle out over the horizon. Here at the Allstar Alarm office, our surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of the meteor as well!

Who knew that not only can the surveillance cameras keep your home and family safe, but also capture events like this that only appear for a few seconds! Surveillance cameras prevent break-ins and provide material evidence in the event of property theft or vandalism. Just like when the cameras capture the bright flash in the sky of a stray meteor, they also capture movement around your homes. Whether it is space debris, or a burglar trying to break-in, surveillance cameras capture important events!

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