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What Do You Do When A Stranger is in Your Home?

What to Do When a Stranger's in Your House

What to Do When a Stranger is in Your House

You’re home alone getting ready for bed when suddenly you hear the sound of breaking glass followed by unfamiliar footsteps coming from the back of the house.  What do you do? How do you protect yourself from a stranger in your house?
Don’t panic! – This is one of the most important things you need to do if you find yourself with a stranger in your house. According to research by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, when you perceive a threat, your body goes into fight-or-flight response mode. When faced with danger, the body releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which give you a burst of energy and strength by increasing the heart rate, slowing digestion, and directing blood to major muscle groups. The reaction is helpful if you were being chased by a blood-thirsty bear, but not so great when you need to be thinking clearly. Take a few deep breaths to decrease your heart rate and clear your mind.
Establish a safe room – This room is a place where you and your family will retreat at the first sign of forced entry. If possible, outfit the door with a dead bolt lock, landline phone, and a flashlight. If you don’t have a safe room with a dead bolt lock, then retreat to a room in the house that has a door that locks from the inside, like a bathroom. Once inside, turn out the lights and remain as quiet as possible. Avoid calling out to or making physical contact with the intruder.
Contact emergency services – Once you’re secure, it’s time to call for help. Make sure to provide the dispatcher with as many details as possible. Include your name, address, details about the intruder and their location in the home. Do not hang up! Keep the line between you and the dispatcher open, so they can provide you with updates and keep you calm.
Arm yourself with a top-rated security system – To avoid a potential home invasion situation, consider purchasing a home security system. The First Alert Professional Security System offers total intrusion detection customized for your unique needs and will protect you and your family in the following ways:
• Intrusion detection identifies malicious activity and alerts central station.

• Once central station verifies the event, by calling your home, they will direct the appropriate emergency personnel to your home to assist you.

• When combined with fire detection and video surveillance, the system can provide total protection from most common threats.

• Whether you’re home or away, your home is protected 24 hours a day.
Allstar Alarm strives to provide you and your family with peace of mind both while you’re home and away. Our home security solutions help protect your home against intruders and keep your family and assets safe.

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